Webinar: Revved-up Recruiting for Building a Best-In-Class Workplace

Recruit Smart. Hire Fast. Achieve Best-In-Class.

Learn how to hire and recruit top talent in order to become a best-in-class workplace

As a supervisor, manager, director or VP, you know business is competitive, especially when it comes to landing talent. Companies are always tweaking their hiring and recruiting strategies in an effort to find, interview and hire the best candidates.

Today, the best candidates—particularly Millennials, who make up 1/3 of the workforce—have high expectations. They expect companies to recruit them. They expect to interview companies. And they expect the entire process to happen fast. If you live up to their lofty expectations, you're more likely to get them on board and keep them around long term.

That "long term" part is critical. Because the longer your employees stick around, the more likely you become a best-in-class company—one where the premier candidates literally knock on your door. Not to mention, being in best-in-class means less turnover, which results in reduced costs and a healthier bottom line.

Download our presentation deck and watch a video of our webinar. You'll learn exactly what it takes to be a best-in-class company. We'll even help you get buy in from higher ups on your revised hiring approach!

Meet our Ajilon panelists

Image of Tisha Danehl, Vice President, Ajilon

Tisha Danehl, Vice President, Ajilon

Tisha Danehl is a Vice President at Ajilon Professional Staffing, a leader in specialized staffing. With close to 20 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, Tisha has developed a passion for helping individuals continue to grow in their career. Show moreFocused on the Human Resources industry, Tisha is responsible for driving growth and partnering employers with pivotal talent. Tisha graduated from Kean University with a B.A. in Accounting.

Image of Lanell Flint, Regional Vice President, Accounting Principals

Lanell Flint, Regional Vice President, Accounting Principals

Lanell Flint holds the role of Vice President within the Specialty Division of the world’s largest Recruiting and Workforce Solutions organization, The Adecco Group. The business units she manages include the leading brands of Accounting Principals, Parker & Lynch, Ajilon, and Paladin.Show more

Lanell joined Accounting Principals in 1999, holding various roles within the organization, and played an integral part in the launch of the Ajilon Staffing brand, opening and expanding many offices across the country, and creating a National Training program. Her current duties include talent acquisition, employee development, Executive Search growth, and driving revenue for the organization.

While her education came in the form of a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Arizona, Lanell’s interests have always been based around Training, Talent Acquisition and Development, and Human Capital. However, that all comes in second to her real passion - her family. This includes her high school sweetheart husband, 23 year old daughter, 14 year old son, and 4 year old Doberman.